Who are The Beer Detectives

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Agent Matthew Founder & Commander in Chief

Purveyor of fine drinks - it's a tough job but someone's got to do it!

Favourite Drink - so many choices but I love a chilled IPA. Ramsbury Gold is a current favourite golden ale.

Agent Abi Co-founder & Communications Chief

Spreading the word on all the latest craft beverages to grace our virtual shelves. She also checks we are not sampling too much beer!

Favourite Drink - has to be a tall glass of G&T, ice and lime.

Agent Bella Covert Operations Field Agent

Wanders in and out of the office, mainly looking for biscuits and someone to take her for a walk.

Favourite Drink - Milk, tried Beer once but wasn't too keen!

Our story...

It's simple really - the seeds for The Beer Detectives started to be sown when we were living opposite a great village pub, about 25 steps door to door! A pint or three was often enjoyed in this pub. Why wouldn't you when it's that close and the banter was welcoming. We loved popping in there, so much so we even had our wedding reception in the pub in a marquee in their garden!

This particular pub was owned by the local brewery so the beers on sale were from their range. Not a bad thing as they were all good brews.  However, one of the breweries sales initiatives, got us thinking.  Every few weeks they offered a choice of guest beers from other breweries all over the UK which was always hugely popular and would sell out within days. Our ideas were further cemented when from time to time the landlord would organise brewery tours to nearby micro-breweries. Places on the bus were snapped up quicker than Glastonbury tickets! everyone keen to see great beer being brewed, to get a pint or two of their beery delights as we toured and a couple of bottles to bring home. We often went along to these evenings, they were great fun!

So as our ideas became firmer plans, it became more and more apparent that there was a growing movement across the whole country, if not the world, for craft brewed drinks. Historically, a local brew stayed local or it was only the big brands that were available in the shops. Therefore the ever growing brewing revolution of great british drinks (of which there are simply 100's if not 1000's) needed a new way to take their artizan drinks from say Cornwall to the people of Yorkshire and vice versa. The number of small, craft breweries/distilleries and variety of products keeps on evolving and their followers are now a discerning army of craft drink lovers; people passionate about what they're drinking and the stories behind them. This new movement of drinkers, all with one thing in common - a keen desire to try different drinks they wouldn't normally be able to get where they live.

Enter stage left, The Beer Detectives, an online craft drinks specialist, discovering and championing lots of Great British beers, ciders and spirits from all over the UK, delivered to your door and into your glass. Our aim is to seek out drinks brewed by one person in their shed to those that are already well into their brewing journey but not so big they've been swallowed by the supermarkets. Yes it's been done, there are others with beer from all over the world on offer, but we want to focus on Great Britain, giving a virtual shop window to those who may not otherwise find you or you them.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, we love to hear about new producers we haven't found yet or ways you think we could make things better, so jump onboard and let's raise a glass to the producers that put the great in Great British craft brews, cheers! #getthedrinksin #GTDI #keepyourfridgefull #KYFF