The Garden Cider Co. Plum and Ginger 500ml 4%


The Garden Cider Co’s Plum and Ginger Cider is made with carefully blended plum juice and warming ginger extracts mixed with 100% fresh apple cider. A unique and truly delicious fruit cider. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten Free.

Cidery: The Garden Cider Co.

ABV : 4%

Style : Flavoured Cider

Bottle Size : 500ml

Best Served : Chilled over Ice

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The Garden Cider Co. pride themselves on creating delcious fruit and flavoured ciders using sustainable and ethical processes. Founded in 2010 by Ben and Will Filby they create a range of hand-crafted, premium ciders sourced from locally donated garden apples. Each year over 4000 locals receive a share of the cider in return for donating spare garden fruit. The Garden Cider Co. are proud to create wonderful quality drinks from this abundant and largely wasted natural resource.


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