Ramsbury Distillery Single Estate Gin


Ramsbury Gin is a rare thing, one of the few single estate gins made in the UK at the Ramsbury Brewery & Distillery, situated in beautiful countryside near Marlborough in Wiltshire.

Distillery : Ramsbury Distillery, nr Marlborough

ABV : 40%

Bottle Size : 70cl

Best served : As a classic G&T – Ramsbury Gin, premium Indian tonic, lots of ice and a wafer thin slice of apple, quince or pear make a smooth, refreshing drink.

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Field to table from the heart of Wiltshire. Ramsbury Gin is a rare thing, one of the few single estate gins made in the UK. Ramsbury Estates grow the finest Horatio wheat and are blessed with their own chalk filtered water source. Using a 43 plate copper column still they distil award winning single estate spirits.  Their distilling process creates a base spirit that gives their gin an incredibly smooth texture.

The Process

Starting with their 96.5% spirit then adding nine botanicals (juniper, fresh quince, cinnamon, liquorice, oris root, coriander, dried lemon peel, dried orange peel, angelica).  Then distil in their 160l gin still.  From their 80% gin concentrate, it is then blended down to 40% using their own water, chill filter once before hand bottling on site.

Tasting Notes

Floral tones and crisp quince fades into more savoury juniper, with a refreshing finish and a touch of spice. Smoothness abounds and this single estate spirit sits at the sweeter end of London Dry Gin.


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