Penrhos Spirits Rhubarb Gin 70cl


Penrhos Spirits Rhubarb Gin is a gorgeous pink and tangy gin made with 250ml of pure Raspberry Red Rhubarb juice blended with Penrhos Dry to create a memorable gin. A match made in heaven (well Herefordshire!)

Distillery : Penrhos Spirits, Herefordshire

ABV : 40.5%

Bottle Size : 70cl

Best served : Take a stem balloon glass and add plenty of ice. Gently pour one part Penrhos Rhubarb and three parts Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water or Ginger Ale. During the summer, garnish with a slice of orange, remove stem ginger and Rosemary.

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Penrhos spiritsThe Herefordshire Marches is a magical place, a natural border between England and Wales steeped in so much history it is impossible not to feel the spirit of this land in the countryside.

For generations Richard Williams and Charles Turner have farmed this land and now have captured these natural elements in their exceptional range of premium small-batch spirits..

Carefully grown and hand-picked ingredients that celebrate Penrhos’s provenance and stimulate the senses. Every element of their gin making process has a purpose and a passion, magically distilled into nature’s own essence.

Tasting Notes :

A tart burst of fresh rhubarb fills the palette before being replaced with soft citrus and herbal notes that complement the smoothness of the Penrhos Dry Gin.


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