Lucky Saint Unfiltered Low Alcohol Lager <0.5%


A full flavoured, low alcohol lager to reward those who aren’t drinking the beer they should be. Lucky Saint is a golden beer with a satisfyingly thick, snow-white head. The beer has aromas of hops and is slightly sweet with a touch of lemon. This is a lager that is full of flavour; an abundance of biscuity malts followed by a smooth citrussy finish.

Brewery: Lucky Saint

ABV : <0.5%

Style : Low Alcohol Lager

Bottle Size : 330ml

Best Served : Slightly chilled

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It took Luke Boase, founder of Lucky Saint, over 2 years to develop the 0.5% Unfiltered Lager produced by the brand today. He set out with the ambition of creating a truly delicious alcohol-free beer that was uncompromising on flavour.

Luke initially shared his idea with some industry folk – “An alcohol-free beer worth drinking”, he said, “progressively brewed with an impeccable taste”. Amused and somewhat dismissive, others in the industry told Luke that it was impossible to make a product to that standard and that he was better off making fizzy soft drinks.

Deflated but not beaten, Luke immersed himself in the brewing process, spending 741 days in R&D, travelling 7,642 miles and testing 56,628 litres of beer before eventually creating a liquid he was proud of. The key to his success? Leaving the beer unfiltered, ensuring maximum flavour and body.

Today, Lucky Saint is beloved by chefs and bartenders alike for its unrivalled flavour and body.


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