Lakehouse Amber Session Ale – 3.9%


A sweet and refreshing award winning beer which is brewed using local Bramling Cross hops. Amber Session Ale has a golden appearance and a smooth moreish taste. This is a light, sweet and refreshing beer.

Brewery: Lakehouse

ABV : 3.9%

Style : Amber Ale

Bottle Size : 500ml

Best Served : Slightly chilled

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Lakehouse Logo Located in the shadow of the Malvern Hills, Lakeside Brewery has fast become a successful brewing business with their three ales quickly having gone from just local consumption to a much wider distribution across the south east and south west of the country in just a year.

After much time spent researching recipes and coming up with the style and flavours they liked, they began with an amber ale with their own blend of hops.This was followed with a pale ale and the third offering is a porter, or stout, brewed with fresh cherries. All are produced for sale in casks and bottles and were quickly snapped up by local pubs.

With the ales going down well in pubs, they began to spread the word by taking their mobile bar to events such as shows and festivals and finding distributors all over the country, including one in Scotland.

The next step is to expand their range of beers and they are already working on a new recipe – which, like all the others, is a well-kept secret. And there is the chance of a tap room being set up at the brewery too.


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