Cotswold Brew Co. Cotswold Premium – 330ml / 5%


Premium Lager from Cotswold Brew Co. is classic in style, much like the Helles lagers found in Germany, this is the original Cotswold lager. Deceptively easy to drink, and has great depth of flavour.

Brewery : Cotswold Brew Co.

ABV : 5%

Style : Classic Helles style

Bottle Size : 330ml

Best Served : Chilled

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Cotswold Brew Co. is one of the oldest lager microbreweries in the UK. Rick and Emma Keene established the Cotswold Brew Co way back in 2005 when they identified a gap in the market for an authentic lager (and Cider) brewed in the UK. They brew lager in the way that German and Belgian breweries have been doing for centuries; using only the four essential ingredients of water, hops, malted barley and yeast. There are no awful additives, pesky preservatives and their beers are unpasteurised.

Cotswold Brew Co. continues to innovate with beers and lagers, and now includes distilling Cotswold Gin and Vodka is their impressive skill-set and product range.


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