Clearance Mystery Case of 12 Great British Beers with FREE DELIVERY


If you can answer ‘Yes’ to the following statements then this Clearance Mystery Beer Case is a must for you –

  • You love beer
  • You love a great deal
  • You like surprises
  • You like discovering something that you haven’t tried before
  • You’re happy that these beers are coming upto their ‘Best Before Date’ or just over by no more than a month and that Best Before dates are just a freshness guide and you plan on drinking them pretty quick

Here at The Beer Detectives we will always put together a great box of beery delights. You’ll receive 12 delicious, full of flavour, hoptastic beers and the chances are you’ll never get the same box twice as stock changes.

So come on, what are you waiting for, jump onboard and treat yourself or gift someone our Great British Mystery Beer Case at a bargain busting price. If you love craft beer, you’ll be over the moon to get your mits on this case!


This a box of 12 of our most delicious beers which are coming upto their ‘Best Before Date’ or just over by no more than a month. These will still taste great for longer however after this time anything left is drunk by ourselves, our friends and/or families. Yes, it has its perks being in one of those camps!

Whilst beer doesn’t actually have a best before, the date stamped on a product is a guide to freshness because beer could deteriorate very gradually over time depending on type of beer and storage. As a rule of thumb most beer is fine for upto 6 months to 2 years after the BB date, with Stouts lasting longer still.

The best test to assess your beer is to use your common sense. Since the beer won’t cause you harm, why not try a little bit and see how it tastes to you? If you think it tastes fine, there’s no reason not to drink it.

Inside your box you might find beers from award winning breweries such as, Arbor, Lost and Grounded, Cotswold Brew Co, Moor Beer Company and Wiper and True to name but a few.

The selection of beers will be curated by our chief beer supremos and we will never put anything in we wouldn’t drink ourselves. So order yourself or gift someone a great beer case at a bargain price and relax safe in the knowledge you have 12 of the best, most delicious brews from our current range to savour and enjoy!


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