Celtic Marches, Holly GoLightly 0.5% abv


An award winning, refreshing low alcohol cider. Holly GoLightly is not to be underestimated! With her cider apple nose, a touch of acidity as the end note and a wonderfully light tannin aftertaste that only 100% pressed cider apples can give, this lady is a finitely balanced medium cider.

Cidery: Celtic Marches

ABV : 0.5%

Style : Medium Cider

Bottle Size : 500ml

Best Served : Chilled over Ice

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Celtic MarchesNestled in a quiet corner of Herefordshire, Wyer Croft is home to Celtic Marches. With 200 acres of cider apple orchards, developed over seven generations, they are a self-sustaining single estate craft cider firm producing up to 3 million litres a year. Their luscious lined orchards are filled with eight cider tree varieties. Each chosen for their growth and taste profiles, these apples are blended to create their international award-winning ciders.

Their rare position is a result of over 100 years and numerous generations that have dedicated themselves to the orchards and hop fields. This allows for full control over our cider production from tree to glass. Awarded PGI (Protected Geographical Indicator) status, you can be assured that Herefordshire apples are used in their craft ciders.

Their bold, strong female branding stands out from the norm and is reflective of the women behind this slick operation. With large scale production abilities, the female majority team has been selected by Director, Susan Vaughan for their skills, passion for quality and consistent drive for a premium craft cider. Shaking off the traditional approach to cider branding, each of the core range has a woman’s name, all with a different character and taste. The female strength of the company and its branding is a far cry from what the cider industry has been used to.

Full range is Gluten free and suitable for vegans.


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