Big Drop Brewing Co. Galactic Milk Stout 0.5%


Award winning brewery Big Drop Brewing Co. present Galactic Milk Stout. A gluten free, alcohol free milk stout and if you think that stouts have had their day, then think again! This is a decadent treat of a beer: rich, indulgent and absolutely delicious! Big Drop describe it as being like honeycomb covered in chocolate and we are tempted to agree with them!  With flavours of coffee and cocoa and hint of sweet vanilla this Galactic Milk Stout is definitely a treat. So if you fancy all the great craft drink taste but without the headache or you’re the one driving, Big Drop have got you covered.

Brewery : Big Drop Brewing Co.

ABV : <0.5%

Style : Milk Stout

Can Size : 330ml

Best Served : Chilled

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Big Drop Brewing Co.Headquartered in Ipswich, Big Drop was launched in October 2016 by the-then City lawyer Rob Fink, along with his school-friend/bandmate and kindred spirit, James Kindred. The idea for a brewing business that only made alcohol-free beer was conceived by their own lifestyle changes (e.g. fatherhood) and born out of the frustration of there being no decent tasting low alcohol craft beer available to quench their thirst. Along with renowned experimental brewer, Johnny Clayton (formerly of Wild Beer), they’ve perfected techniques to make alcohol-free craft beer without the need for artificial removal of alcohol and their brewery is exclusively dedicated to making the finest <0.5% ABV beer.

To brew craft beer naturally, without the need to artificially extract alcohol, Big Drop have had to turn the rules of brewing upside down. They use a lazy yeast which is not very good at converting sugar to alcohol. They also brew at slightly higher temperatures at various points to further inhibit alcohol production. And they use less grain (meaning less sugar).

Their first beer was their Chocolate Stout, released to rave reviews, and now officially recognised for its talents after winning Gold at the 2017 International Beer Challenge, and Silver at the 2017 World Beer Awards. This award winning brewery is going from strength to strength, and is setting the industry pace in the growing low alcohol beer market.


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