Battledown Brewery, Original Ale 4.4%


Traditional English chestnut beer with a robust malty aroma and taste, giving way to a well rounded sweet mouth feel. The caramel notes in this beer make it ideal with steaks, barbeques and curries.

Produced using malted barley and as such contain Gluten, other ingredients are water, hops and yeast.

Brewery : Battledown Brewery

ABV : 4.4%

Style : Chestnut Beer

Bottle Size : 500ml

Best Served : Slightly chilled

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The Battledown Brewery is situated less than a mile east of Cheltenham’s centre, on the edge of the original Saxon settlement of Battledown. It is Cheltenham’s oldest working brewery, and its beers are still brewed using traditional methods. Only the finest English ingredients are used, and the local Cheltenham water is ideally suited to the types of beer that Battledown Brewery brews. Their full-mash brewing method is simple and totally traditional, using an absolute minimum of modern technology – the liquor heaters and wort pumps are electric, and that’s about as high-tech as it gets.

Battledown produces a small range of hand-crafted (and increasingly award-winning) ales for sale. Run by Roland and Stephanie Elliott-Berry with the stalwart help of Ben Jennison-Phillips, (ex-Head Brewer at Whittington’s Brewery) among others, they have recently moved across the road to new premises and installed new state of the art brewing kit, meaning that Battledown is all set to produce more great beers in the future.


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