Arbor Ales, Citrus Maxima Lemon & Lime Pale Ale 4%


Brewed with Citra hops and lemon & lime zest, this is a refreshing New England Pale Ale.

Brewery : Arbor Ales, Bristol

Style : Lemon & Lime Pale Ale

ABV : 4%

Can Size : 568ml

Best served : Chilled

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Arbor have been brewing beer in the fine city of Bristol since 2007. All their beers are brewed with the intention of creating something they would enjoy drinking themselves and, more importantly, something they’re proud to put their name to. They use quality ingredients, sourced from the best suppliers, with quality always taking preference over price. Arbor are best known for their hop-forward approach. Nearly every beer brewed is thoroughly hopped and dry hopped for optimum flavour and aroma, with a few beers brewed with English hop varieties, but the vast majority are brewed with hops sourced from America, New Zealand and Australia.

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