6 O’Clock Sloe Gin from Bramley & Gage 35cl


6 O’Clock Sloe gin is made in small batches using hand-picked, wild, hedgerow sloes. The intense fruit flavour of this traditional classic is achieved by using a high sloe to gin ratio, plenty of sugar, then patiently and slowly maturing for at least 6 months. Great with cheese.

Distilled by Bramley & Gage, a small family distillery based in the small market town of Thornbury on the edge of Bristol.

ABV : 26%

Bottle Size : 35cl

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Six O'clock gin6 O’Clock Sloe Gin from Bramley & Gage use generous quantities of hand-picked hedgerow sloes, combined with just the right amount of sugar, which are all added to 6 O’Clock strikingly smooth London Dry Gin. Then it’s all left to soak slowly for at least six months – that’s more than twice as long as most other distillers.

The high ‘sloe to gin’ ratio combined with this lengthy maturation process achieves a smooth, intensely rich and fruity flavour that retains some of that just-picked tartness.

Tasting Notes:
Rich, sweet fruit aromas of plum with flavours of Kirsch cherry and a hint of subtle spice.
Warm and refreshing, 6 O’clock Gin Sloe is less intensely sweet than many other sloe gins, with a perfect balance between sweet fruit and the bitterness of sloes.

How to Drink:
Enjoy with a bite of creamy blue cheese,
or just top up the hip flask and hit the countryside for a walk.


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