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The Brewery

Ramsbury Brewing & Distlling Co. is situated in beautiful countryside near Marlborough in Wiltshire and is part of the Ramsbury Estate where they extensively farm cereals and other crops, produce smoked fish & game and their own cold pressed oils. At the purpose-built brewery, Ramsbury brew a range of delicious ales, using barley grown on the Estate. Ramsbury have also invested in their own distillery in which they distil their own base spirit from a single variety of wheat grown on the Estate, from which they produce their own craft Ramsbury Vodka and their Ramsbury Gin.

Ramsbury Gold
Honey Bee Nectar
flint knapper
red ram

In their own words...

‘We began as farmers, and we stayed as farmers. Our barley is grown and harvested from the Ramsbury estate. Just down the road from our brewery in fact. Once malted and added to a brew, the barley, steeped in chalk-rich soil, is distinctively Ramsbury.

Our passion for beer may have been born of this land, but it is our passion for a memorable pint that continues to drive us. The flavour, the aroma and the texture of our beer is Ramsbury through and through. It’s not something you can just ‘brew’. Only the perfect balance of the highest quality ingredients, a team of beer enthusiasts for brewers and a kegs worth of creativity, can bring out that refreshingly mighty taste of a Ramsbury pint. You may not find it everywhere, but where you do find it, you’ll be sure to return.

When we first began brewing in 2004, we were but a small operation creating a recipe that we have come to know and love as our pioneer, and now best-selling Gold ale. We’ve grown rather a lot since then, and in 2014 we moved and expanded our brewery onto the site where it sits today, alongside our state-of-the-art distillery, shop and tasting room. Not only is it in a picturesque location overlooking our orchard, lake and reed beds, it’s equipped with the finest brewing kit and is run by our dedicated brewing team. It’s quite an extraordinary site, which is most certainly worth a visit!’